• Hi! We’re purpleplanet.

    We love to monkey around, creating
    stellar websites and out of this world mobile applications.

    purpleplanet - Software Solutions provide websites and web systems, using Content Management Systems, such as Joomla! and WordPress. We also offer shopping cart solutions and provide branding work for the MindTouch Customer Support and Self-Help software.

    All of our customers get their own design, built from the ground up. Your homepage will be
    your unique presence on the internet.

  • We can make sure your new web presence really takes off with a whooosh!

    Featured here are a few of the websites we have designed and built or built from customer-provided designs. We take great pride in giving each client the best possible solution for their specific needs.

    We have developed solutions for a wide range of industries, businesses, and organisations. The list is always growing, so return soon for more examples of purpleplanet's work.

  • It all starts with a single cell...

    ...or image, or line of code. We build using well-known tools and systems, utilised by millions of websites worldwide. Everything is explained in detail, so our customers don't feel alienated from the process or from their shiny new website.

    Here are some of the main systems that we use when building for our clients.

  • Pay no attention to
    that man behind the curtain!

    purpleplanet is owned by Matt Atherton, a self-taught web designer and developer.
    Matt lives in Germany, but is proud of his English roots.

    The company is officially a one-man show, which utilises the skills of
    highly-skilled professionals on a project basis. This means that purpleplanet can always
    provide the right person for every job, without the need to employ a huge staff and
    risk losing the personal relationship with the client.

    Get in touch!

    purpleplanet - Software Solutions · Odenwaldstrasse 25a · 64397 Modautal · Germany

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Latest Blog Post

  • Branding 101: The Brand Jigsaw

    Branding 101: The Brand Jigsaw

    Brand or Corporate Identity is the way your company appears to the outside world. The symbolism that allows your audience to visually recognise you in the market place.

    Your brand identity needs to be consistent across the board, wherever it appears. In all visual communication; business cards, letter head, company clothing, website etc. It is quite possible that a brand review highlights the need for a new logo, in order to align with your changing brand values. You may also find that your existing communication methods are outdated or not specifically focused on your chosen target market. Brochures, data sheets and leaflets are now secondary to regular news and updates via your website.

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